September 20, 2014
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September 19, 2014

Martin Bauendahl
Real life vs Societal expectations

nothing like hitting home….hard
September 19, 2014

Depression is stupid and not a thing that makes me a better writer. One time I went a whole year without writing and I stayed in bed and drank. Fuck your Bukowskisms. I want sunlight and love and running down some street I’ve never been on where it’s warm and cool at the same time and I’m smiling. I want nothing to ever be bad again- and I don’t mean that I want a life free of conflict, I mean that I want a life free of meaningless conflict. Not being able to will oneself to take a shower or leave the house is meaningless. There is nothing to be gained, no lesson to be learned from that kind of life. My heart is stale, my prose is stale. Give me fire if you want to hurt me. Give me something I can taste. There’s nothing romantic or mysterious about where I am. There’s nothing here worth holding onto.

- By Joshua Espinoza (via doubtsbestally)

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September 18, 2014
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Behind the Scenes of Karl Lagerfeld’s Women Only; Xiao Wen Ju
September 18, 2014


What a gorgeous species.  I love the starlike effect from those lighter reflective scales.

September 18, 2014
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September 16, 2014
September 16, 2014